Antibodies’ production

Production of antibodies

Antibodies or immunoglobulins are currently one of the molecules with the most applications both in industry and in biomedical research.

Polyclonal antibodies are a heterogeneous mixture of antibodies produced by different clones of B lymphocytes in the body. They can recognize and bind to many different epitopes on a single antigen.

These antibodies are produced by injecting an immunogen into the animal. Although the rabbit is the most widespread in its use, there are other species, such as mouse, chicken or llama. After being injected with the specific antigen to give a primary immune response, successive immunizations will be given, under optimal conditions, in order to produce the highest antibody titers against the desired antigen. After immunization, polyclonal antibodies can be obtained directly as “antiserum” or purified to obtain free of other serum proteins.

Monoclonal antibodies are generated by identical B cells, that is, clones. This means that monoclonal antibodies have specific affinity and recognize the single and same epitope of an antigen.

Unlike polyclonal antibodies, the production of monoclonal antibodies occurs in cell culture, that is, in an “immortal” way. The process begins with an injection of the desired antigen into a mouse. After developing an immune response, the B lymphocytes are isolated from the spleen of the animal and fused (hybridized) with a myeloma cell line, creating immortalized hybridomas.

We provide you with polyclonal antibody production services, with a success rate of over 99%. Our professional team has more than a decade of experience offering comprehensive solutions from antigen design to antibody purification.

We put at your disposal polyclonal antibodies of maximum affinity with the possibility of producing your antibodies in different species: rabbit, mouse, rat, hen, goat, sheep, llama or alpaca. Our experts work by applying the most rigorous standards committed to animal welfare in scientific use.

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We offer you integrated solutions

1. Design and production of antigens: peptides or proteins 2. Immunization of animals 3. Unpurified Final Immune Serum Antibody Assays. 4. Serum purification (optional)
4-5 weeks From 28 days 1-2 days 1 week
We guide you to achieve the best strategy to produce optimized polyclonal antibodies. You can provide us with your antigen or synthesize it with us. Injection with antigen + Freund’s adjuvant.
In this step, the preimmunise serum is obtained.

Usually after the first injection, boosters are carried out every 2 weeks until the end of the protocol or until the immunization of the animal is guaranteed.

Quality control of antibodies: ELISA, Western Blot or Dot Blot. It can be done by affinity against protein A or protein G, or by specificity against the antigen. The serum from each animal is purified separately.

We offer you comprehensive services from antigen design to purified antibody

Servicios integrales
Servicios integrales

You may be interested in learning more about peptide synthesis. Please contact us for more information.

More than ten years endorse us as experts in this field of Biotechnology. Hybridoma technology revolutionized biotechnology by providing a method that allows the production of monoclonal antibodies in an unlimited and reproducible manner. This technology continues to be a gold standard for the generation of highly sensitive antibodies.

It is also a good alternative to phage libraries for the development of therapeutic antibodies. Although the administration of therapeutic antibodies produced by hybridoma technology leads to side effects, since they come from mice, thanks to advances in antibody engineering, the immunotoxicity of antibodies can be reduced by humanizing antibodies.

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Ask about our specific hybridoma services: cryopreservation service, hybridoma culture expansion, isotype determination, mycoplasma test, among others.

We have the best experts in phage display screening. Thanks to our wide variety of human-derived immune libraries, you will not need humanization of your antibodies for the development of your therapeutic antibody.

  • Immune libraries made up of various monoclonal antibody formats that include Fab, scFv or VHH and come from various species.
  • Unbeatable guarantees, guaranteeing at least 3 unique ligands against your antigen.
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  • Get your recombinant antibodies purified in less than 2 months.

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