Chemical products and antibiotics

Biomedal Life Science offers a select number of standard products used routinely in research laboratories. Please contact us for more information.

RS-3445 Potassium Tellurite 100mg
RS-3222 Potassium Tellurite 1g
RS-3311 Potassium Tellurite 5g
RS-3217 Ampicillin 5 g
RS-3305 Ampicillin 25g
RS-3306 Ampicillin 100g
RS-3218 Chloramphenicol 5 g
RS-3307 Chloramphenicol 100g
RS-3315 Erythromycin 5g
RS-3327 Erythromycin 100g
RS-3328 Gentamycin 1g
RS-3329 Gentamycin 5g
RS-3219 Kanamycin 5 g
RS-3221 Streptomycin 5 g
RS-3310 Streptomycin 25g
RS-3220 Tetracycline 5 g
RS-3308 Tetracycline 25g
RS-3309 Tetracycline 100g