Synthesis of peptides

The synthesis service of peptides offered by Biomedal is designed to integrate two values: transparency and adaptation to the specific needs of the client.

On the one hand, for the client to have all the information about the service from the beginning, the structure of the service is standardized in modules that correspond to the desired quantity and purity. On the other hand, the differences between the particular needs between each client require a great offer of modifications, as well as great flexibility and adaptability to the particularities of the service in question.

These two values ​​are complemented with very competitive prices. 


  1. Unlimited size (<40 aa chemical synthesis;> 40 aa recombinant synthesis).
  2. High quality: each peptide is analyzed by mass spectrometry and HPLC. The quality control data is provided to the client along with the peptide.
  3. Very competitive price.
  4. All kinds of modifications available.
  5. Speed: for most peptides, delivery is made in 4 weeks, although it depends on the length and complexity of the same
Escales Purity
1 – 4 mg Crude
5 – 9 mg Desalted
10 – 14 mg >70%
15- 19 mg >75%
20 – 24 mg >80%
25 – 29 mg >85%
30 – 39 mg >90%
40 – 49 mg >95%
50 – 59 mg >98%
60 – 79 mg
80 – 100 mg
1.000 mg

To know the modifications available in the service, please, contact us.