Biomedal Life Science offers several DNA sequencing services, offering the best quality reactions up to 700 bp, with fast response time and highly competitive prices for your sequencing needs.

Whether you need a simple sequencing (PCR / plasmids) or a more complex one, such as for cosmids, phages and BACs; Biomedal Life Science puts at your disposal a complete and efficient service.

In addition, we offer alignments and comparison of capillary electrophoresis sequence, as well as a First-walking service, available for sequences up to 15 kb.

Additional Service: First-Walking

In the case that it has long sequences that can not be read in a simple reading, Biomedal Life Science has available the First-Walking service, for readings in one direction or in both directions.

It allows:

  • Reading up to 15 kb.
  • Design and synthesis of specific primers.
  • Alignment and correction of the sequences.
  • Storage of DNA template and primers for a period of one month.


  • For plasmids, PCR products, cosmids, phages and BACs:
  • Reading of up to 700 bp, depending on the quality and the DNA template.
  • Design and synthesis of specific primers.
  • Alignment and comparison of sequences (optional).
  • Storage of template DNA and primers for one month.
  • Quality analysis of each sequence (accuracy> 99%).
  • Offer of universal primers.

Your sample:

For the best results, send us your highly purified DNA sample. Samples and primers should be delivered in separate tubes.

Massive sequencing (NGS)

We can carry out your massive sequencing project in a personalized way, offering three platforms to better adapt to your needs: Ion TorrentTM, Illumina® HiSeq®2500 or MiSeq®.

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