Sequencing consists of knowing the specific sequence of the nucleotides that make up a nucleic acid.

At Biomedal we want to put at your disposal our Massive Sequencing service (NGS) as well as Sanger sequencing. Thanks to the great team of experts that supports us, we guarantee fast and quality results as well as highly competitive prices.

Sanger Sequencing

The dideoxynucleotide sequencing method or Sanger method is based on the biological process of DNA replication.

This method begins once, the DNA to be sequenced is isolated and cloned. In this strategy, dideoxynucleotides are used, which lack of the hydroxyl group of the 3 ‘carbon, therefore when one of these nucleotides is incorporated into a DNA chain, it cannot continue to elongate because DNA polymerase requires a 3’ OH terminal group to add the next nucleotide.

Four reactions with four different dideoxynucleotides occur in parallel: each produces strands of DNA of different lengths, all of which end where the corresponding dideoxynucleotide added to the reaction tube was incorporated.

The products of the reactions are loaded onto an acrylamide gel and electrophoresis is carried out. After separating according to size, and thanks to the marked primer (primer), different bands are observed that will be able to be translated into different nucleotides. From a pattern of bands, the introduced DNA sequence is deduced.

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Mass sequencing (NGS)

With over ten years of experience in nucleic acid sequencing, we offer the best Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology.

Test, with the help of our experts, our new strategies to sequence your genome, exomes or transcriptomes. We have three different platforms: Ion Torrent™, Illumina® HiSeq®2500 or MiSeq®, to offer the best personalized service based on your needs.

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