Synthesis of oligos

We synthesize your oligos, according to your needs, with a high degree of quality, very short response and delivery times. We can synthesize oligos with all kinds of modifications and desirable concentrations, at a very competitive price.

Biomedal Life Science offers 5 different scales: XS * (0.02 mmol), S ** (0.05 mmol), M ** (0.2 mmol), L ** (1.0 mmol) and XL (10.00) mmol). Among the purification methods one can choose between RP-cartridge purification, HPLC and PAGE. All oligos are desalinated, quantified and documented. Each oligonucleotide (up to 50 bases) is tested by MALDI mass spectrometry.

* For oligos up to 30 bases, HPLC and PAGE purification is not available.
** Cartridge up to 70 bases, HPLC and PAGE up to 140 bases.


Internal Modifications

DNA oligos between 8 and 140 bases can be ordered with internal modifications. The modifications are standardized for the XS, S, M and L scales.
Internal modifications in RNA oligos are available for sizes between 8 and 40 bases.

 Simple Modifications

All oligos labeled with the following modifications are purified by HPLC.

  • 5′-terminal modifications: 5′-terminal modifications for DNA oligonucleotides up to 140 bases are standardized. For longer lengths, please contact us.
  • 3′-terminal modifications: 3′-terminal modifications for DNA oligonucleotides up to 45 bases are standardized. For longer lengths, please contact us.
  • Double Modifications: Modifications available for oligos up to 40 bases at the 3 ‘end and the 5’ end. The oligos are purified by HPLC and tested with MALDI mass spectrometry. The available scales are S, M and L. For longer oligonucleotides and / or other modifications please contact us.