Gene synthesis

Biomedal Life Science’s gene synthesis service is designed to synthesize genes de novo from the desired sequence, with a wide range of size possibilities, in a personalized way and guided by our best experts.

We guarantee:

  • Codon optimization

  • Synthesis of the double-stranded cDNA

  • Sequencing included

  • Efficiency > 99.9%

  • Execution of mutagenesis to eliminate errors if necessary

  • Sequence delivered = 100% accuracy

  • Shipment of ~ 4μg of the lyophilized and cloned cDNA in a vector

  • High-throughput service: synthesis of several genes in parallel without any additional time required

Flujo de Síntesis de Genes
Flujo de Síntesis de Genes

At Biomedal we have more than a decade of experience in custom gene synthesis, recombinant protein production and antibody development. In addition, our human team is made up of great experts in this field.

Additionally, the notable success of our antibody and protein production service is due to the quality of our work on gene sequence modification and codon optimization service. We offer you a comprehensive solution, from gene engineering to purified protein.

Síntesis de Genes
Síntesis de Genes

You may be interested in learning more about protein expression and purification. Please contact us for more information.