Gene synthesis

The Biomedal Life Science Gene Synthesis service is designed to synthesize de novo genes from the desired sequence. In contrast to the synthesis of oligonucleotides, with which only single-stranded DNA can be obtained up to approximately 140 bp, with the synthesis of genes, synthetic double-chain genes of up to 3,000 bp can be produced routinely.

Application examples:

  • Optimization of codons to increase the expression of the protein.
  • Replaces the cloning of PCR products.
  • Large-scale production of cDNA fragments for microarray chips.
  • Production of humanized mouse antibodies and / or recombinant antibodies.
  • cDNA synthesis for which the corresponding sources of mRNA are difficult to obtain.
  • Gene synthesis / predicted cDNA.
  • Synthesis of genes or cDNAs that are difficult to clone.
  • Alternative syntestis of spliced ​​gene variants, SNPs, or any other type of variant.
  • Design of genes or vectors for gene therapy.
  • Design of DNA vaccines.
  • Design of their own genes / cDNA (deletions, mutations, rearrangements, etc.).
  • Modify your genes for structure-function studies.


The synthesized gene is cloned into a vector, either provided by the client, or chosen from among the different Biomedal catalog vectors, and its sequence confirmed before delivery. Accompanying the synthesized gene is a map of the inserted gene, a map of the plasmid containing the insert gene, documentation of the sequences of each clone, a quality certificate, and approximately 4 μg of the plasmid lyophilized with the desired gene.