Production of polyclonal antibodies from a peptide or protein a sample given in a rabbit

For this service Biomedal Life Science guarantees that all the protocols and the care of the experimental animals are carried out according to the specifications of Royal Decree 21/10/2005, on “Protection of animals used for experimentation and other scientific purposes”.

In this case, the client must provide the sample under these characteristics:

a) Peptides (*):

  • Peptide with a cysteine ​​incorporated at the N-terminal or C-terminal.
  • 1 mg of peptide bound to KLH per rabbit to be immunized.
  • A small amount of free peptide is needed to do the check (optional).

b) Proteins:

  • Proteins purified almost homogeneously.
  • 1 mg of protein per rabbit.
  • The concentration must be 0.5 mg / ml in a buffered buffer (PBS, TBS, etc.).
(*) Peptide synthesis service not included in the price of the service, see our rates. 

Immunization of 1 rabbit

Delivery time:

8 weeks.

Delivery to the customer of:

  • Pre-immune serum (approximately 1 ml).
  • Final serum (approximately 15-20 ml), without purification of the antibody.
Additionally, if the client wishes, the serum can be purified. This would increase the delivery time by one more week (9 weeks in total) and would deliver, in addition to the pre-immune serum and the final serum, approximately 2.5 ml of purified final serum.