Antigenicity analysis of protein sequences

Biomedal Life Science offers its clients a Protein Analysis service, which includes the selection of the most antigenic peptide sequence, the study of the homogeneity with respect to the protein in other living beings, the possible identification of the signal peptide, the domains transmembrane and other structural reasons.

Our service includes:

  • Identification of specific antigenic peptides. We can analyze the sequence of the protein totally or partially. The parameters we analyze are: antigenicity, hydrophobicity and accessibility. Our programs locate regions with greater antigenicity, hydrophobicity and accessibility (between 10 and 20 amino acids). This information will be sent by email or fax using graphics that facilitate its compression. The programs used never ensure success but allow us to have a very approximate idea of ​​what is happening in reality, guiding us about which regions are most likely to succeed.
  • Search for homologies with other species. The chosen sequences are compared with those of different databases to know the possible homologies with proteins from other species and thus confirm the specificity of the peptides. Through this process we look for the sequence or part of it, which has less similarity with the rest of homologous sequences of other species, to avoid unwanted cross-reactivity. In the last case the researcher will be the one to decide if the homology that the protein gives us is a problem or not. This information will be sent by email or fax. The information will be thoroughly reviewed to avoid unwanted antibody screenings.
  • Analysis of the tertiary secondary structure. Biomedal Life Science can analyze the possible secondary structure of the three or four proposed sequences, which together with the previous information will help us to discern with what peptide sequence we will remain.