Optimization of expression and purification of proteins in E.coli

Biomedal, through this service, offers the possibility of optimizing various factors related to the expression and purification of proteins, such as: level of expression, solubility, level of purity, purification performance, etc.

Both the data obtained in the Western Blot analysis, made to the previous product Expression and Purification Test, and the data provided by the client, if incorporated de novo to this service, are the fundamental basis with which the optimization strategy will be designed appropriate

This optimization service is composed of 4 clearly differentiated modules, designed to cover all the needs of the client and the different scenarios that can be proposed according to the type of protein: specialized strains, induction conditions, purification from inclusion and purification bodies specific.

Optimization with Specialized Strains:

This module is designed to correct expression problems related to the metabolism of host strains. With this we get

  • Better level of expression for the case of periplasmic and / or membrane proteins.
  • Optimization of codon bias due to cDNA of non-bacterial origin.

Optimization of Induction Conditions:

This module allows to analyze different induction conditions for the expression and purification of the problem protein.

Optimization by Purification from Inclusion Bodies:

Through Optimization from Inclusion Bodies, Biomedal Life Science honors the purification process of those highly insoluble proteins that form inclusion bodies. 

Optimization by Specific Purification:

This last optimization module is perhaps the most open to the specific needs of the client in relation to specific aspects of purification, such as purification at a certain purity level, purification with alternative techniques to affinity chromatography, purification by specific tag, etc.