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LYTAG Expression and Purification System

  • LYTAG is a generation of products for the expression and purification of fusion proteins in E. coli. The system is based on an affinity chromatography purification tag, LYTAG which specifically interacts with LYTRAP resin, a simple and low-cost chromatographic support.

    LYTAG has a short amino acids sequence (136 aa, 15.21 KDa) and incorporates an alpha helix polypeptidic sequence which acts as a spacing element between LYTAG and the fused protein, reducing the potential steric interference between both regions and facilitating elimination of the tag by enterokinase digestion.

    LYTAG is integrated in a new generation of CASCADE™ expression vectors. These new vectors (pALEX2a,b and c ) incorporate a mutant Pm promoter with lower basal activity, allowing better regulation of protein expression. The improvements made on new pALEX2 vectors and the new tag features, increase the solubility of the purified protein.

    Moreover, pALEX2 vectors allow the fusing of our target polypeptide directly to the cleavage site of enterokinase, making it possible to recover the purified protein without undesired amino acids after tag elimination.

    SDS-PAGE of β-galactosidase after LYTAG affinity chromatographic. The LacZ gene was introduced in pALEX2 plasmid from LYTAG system and expressed in E. coli. The recombinant protein was easily purified in one step from induced E. coli extracts. (M: marker, 1: total not induced, 2: total induced, 3: insoluble fraction induced, 4: soluble fraction induced, 5: column flow through, 6: wash, 7: elution 1, 8: elution 2, 9: elution 3).

    • Tightly regulated system.
    • One-step purification from crude lysate to >95% pure protein.
    • Resin is simple, inexpensive and reusable.
    • Higher solubility than with usual competitor systems.
    • Lower impurities percentage.
    • Compatible with virtually all common buffers.
    • Tag easily removed using enterokinase. No undesired amino acids residues after tag elimination.
    • Purified fusion protein can rebind to the matrix.
    • Elution buffers do not interfere with protein quantification.
    • No covalent modifications of the proteins are needed for efficient immobilization.
  • LYTAG Protein Expression and Purification System

    • 1M Salicylate (Inducer), 25ml
    • pALEX2a, 8μg
    • pALEX2b, 8μg
    • pALEX2c, 8μg
    • LYTRAP resin, 30ml
    • Choline Chloride (3M), 20ml


    LYTAG SpinPlus Kit

    • 1M Salicylate (Inducer), 25ml
    • pALEX2a, 8μg
    • pALEX2b, 8μg
    • pALEX2c, 8μg
    • pALEX-Ca-GFP (expression and purification control plasmid, 8μg)
    • E. Coli REG 12, stab
    • TSS solution, 1.5ml
    • PROLYSE (for cell disruption), 25ml
    • Choline Chloride (3M), 20ml
    • Anti-LYTAG Antibody, 100 μl
    • LYTRAP spin columns, 20 units
    • pALEX2c LacZ, 8μg
  • AB-3238    Antibody anti-LYTAG    100 µl
    RS-3302    LYTRAP Resin    30 ml
    RS-3316    LYTRAP Resin    250 ml
    RS-3319    LYTRAP Spin columns    10 units
    RS-3320    LYTRAP Spin columns    25 units
    RS-3321    LYTRAP Spin columns    100 units
    RS-3322    Empty Purification Columns (2.5 ml)    1 units
    RS-3396    Empty Purification Columns (2.5 ml)    10 units
    RS-3414    Empty Purification Columns (5 ml)    1 units
    RS-3415    Empty Purification Columns (10 ml)    1 unit
    RS-3247    Salcylate(1M)    25 ml
    RS-3287    Choline Chloride Solution (3M)    20 ml
    RS-3286    C-LYTRAP – F    10 g
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