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ProPure ® rProtein G FastCap

  • ProPure® rProtein G FastCap are ready-to-use cartridges pre-packed with 1 ml of ProPure® rProtein G Rapid Flow and compatible with chromatography systems such as ÄKTA™ or FPLC™, providing high binding capacity and a cost-efficient purification process. They are designed for rapid and cost-efficient immunoglobulin capture and purification.

  • Matrix composition and bead size 4% highly crosslinked agarose; 20-50 μm.
    Ligand A recombinant 25.21 kDa peptide containing the Fc binding domain of protein G; devoid of the BSA-binding region.
    Ligand coupling and density Covalent; 4 mg/ml packed resin.
    Dynamic binding capacity 10 mg hIgG/ml packed resin (determined with 1ml of packed resin at a flow rate of 200 cm/h; 10% breakthrough with 1 mg hIgG as the input).
    Maximum back pressure 0.3 MPa; 3 bar
    Recommended flow rate 1 ml/min
    Maximum flow rate 4 ml/min
    Preservative 20% Ethanol.
    Storage +2ºC – +8ºC. Do not freeze.
  • RP – 5287    rProtein A (4xZ)
    RP – 5279    rProtein A – Cys (4xZc)
    RP – 5216    rProtein G (3xC)
    RP – 5416    ProPure® rProtein A LCL Agarose
    RP – 5316    ProPure® rProtein A Rapid Flow
    RP – 5319    ProPure® rProtein G Rapid Flow
    RP – 5316    ProPure® rProtein A FastCap
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