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rProtein A (4xZ)

  • Protein A is an immunoglobulin-binding cell wall protein naturally produced by Staphylococcus aureus and widely used as a generic ligand for the purification of monoclonal and recombinant antibodies.

    Biomedal’s rProtein A (4xZ) is a synthetic derivative of the native protein A molecule, produced by recombinant expression in E. coli and purified using a highly efficient, immunoglobulin-free process. rProtein A (4xZ) contains four identical copies of an Fc region-binding domain assembled in a single 29.88 kDa polypeptide, and can be coupled to solid supports to produce affinity media suitable for antibody capture and elution under standard conditions.


    • Antibody purification
    • Immunoprecipitation of proteins and protein complexes.
    • Antibody detection in Western blot, ELISA, etc.
  • Source Recombinant E.coli
    IgG binding sites 4
    Concentration 50 mg/ml
    Molecular Weight 29.88 kDa
    Purity >95%
    Bioburden ≤5 UFC/ml
    Endotoxin <20 EU/mg
  • RP – 5279 rProtein A – Cys (4xZc)
    RP – 5216 rProtein G (3xC)
    RP – 5416 ProPure® rProtein A LCL Agarose
    RP – 5316 ProPure® rProtein A Rapid Flow
    RP – 5319 ProPure® rProtein G Rapid Flow
    RP – 5316 ProPure® rProtein A FastCap
    RP – 5895 ProPure® rProtein G FastCap
    KT – 5494 Histag Two Phase Separation System
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