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Cellena ® Microencapsulator

  • Cellena ® Microencapsulator is based on the immobilization of cells within a semipermeable membrane that protects them from mechanical stress and immunological responses, allowing the bidirectional diffusion of nutrients, oxygen and secretory products including waste.

    Cellena® is an user-friendly equipment for biotechnological research based on the Flow Focusing® technology developed by Ingeniatrics S.L. Cellena® allows homogeneous encapsulation of cells/organisms under sterile conditions and selecting the particle size as required by each specific application.



    • Cellular susceptibility studies.
    • Discovery of new strong activity molecules.
    • Fast monitoring cell growth.
    • Accelerated microbial analysis in microcolonies.



    • Cell therapy preventing immune reaction or inflammation.
    • Accelerated antibiograms.


    Biotech Industry

    • Bioreactors: Protecting cells from shear stress in stirred reactors.
    • Biotransformation: Immobilization of microbes and enzymes.
    • Feeder cells: Allowing them to grow and be productive.
    • Enzymes and biologicals microencapsulation.



    • Bacteria and algae protection from environment.
    • Controlled positioning.
    • Culture of difficult-to-grow microorganisms.


    • Encapsulation of individual or bulk quantities of cells (bacteria, yeast and human cells) under sterile conditions in very small particles sizes without losing viability.
    • Semipermeable biocompatible matrixes
    • Microcapsules are small, spherical and monodisperse in size, allowing analysis in flow cytometers.
    • Selectable particle size: direct generation of equal particles from 90 µm to 460 µm.
    • Encapsulation in alginate capsules is reversible, as cells can be liberated by treatment with citrate
    • Disposable nozzle available for each  particle size range (no autoclave needed)
    • Used for phenotypic microbial analyses, including  expression of specific characters or growth related phenotypes.
    • Proliferation inside particles can be detected by monitoring optical complexity, without requiring fluorescent labeling.


  • General Specifications
    Dimensions (L x W x H) ft/cm 306 mm x 406 mm x 110 mm
    Temperature range 5 ºC – 40 ºC
    Pump Specifications
    Accuracy ±0.5%
    Reproducibility ±0.1%
    Syringe (Min/Max) 0.5 μl/ 50/60 ml
    Minimum 0.001 μl/hr (with 0.5 μl syringe (0.103 mm diam.))
    Maximum 44.283 ml/min (with 50/60 ml syringe (26.7 mm diam.))
    Linear force (Max) 25 lbs (peak min.)
    Air pressure system Specifications
    Pressure range
    Inlet pressure (Min – Max) 2 – 5 bar
    Outlet pressure (Min – Max) 0.001 – 0.9 bar (1 – 900 mbar)
    Accuracy ±0.15% typical / ±0.25% maximum best straight line (BSL) definition
    Stirrer Specifications
    Speed (Min – Max) 60 – 1000 rpm
    Accuracy ±0.5%
    Microcapsules size is pre-selectable in the range of 95 μm to 460 μm. The object particle size is dependent upon the nebulizer size. There are four Cellena Nebulizer sizes designated in different colors:
    Color Nebulizer ParticleSize
    200 μm 95 – 120 μm
    350 μm 160 – 190 μm
    500 μm 270 – 350 μm
    700 μm 360 – 460 μm
  • AP – PC1010 Air Compressor
    KT-5450 Nozzle Kit: 5 sterile nozzles (same size)
    KT-5451 Nozzle Kit: 5 sterile nozzles (different size)
    RS-5732 Sterile Nozzle (200 μm)
    RS-5733 Sterile Nozzle (350 μm)
    RS-5734 Sterile Nozzle (500 μm)
    RS-5735 Sterile Nozzle (700 μm)
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