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Broad Host Range Vectors

  • pVTR

    The pVTR vector series is designed to be used for gene expression under lac-inducer systems, such as IPTG. This method is based on VTR expression cassettes, which consist of a 1.98 Kb sequence containing the gen lacIq next to the Ptro promotor and the laco operator for lacIq repressor. The cassette also contains an optimized TIR which includes a start codón ATG overlapping with the restriction site NcoI.

    The three cassettes are flanked by NotI targets and are available in low copy number plasmids (pVTR-A, pVTR-B and pVTR-C) with pSC101 ori. They can be selected for resistance to chloramphenicol.

    pVTR vectors are useful for gene conditional expression prior to transference, (as NotI restriction fragments), to the NotI site of any pUT-miniTn5 vectors for the final integration into the chromosome

  • Related strains
    BS-3404 Pseudomona putida GPo1 Stab
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    EV-3330 pVTRa vector 8µgEV-3331 pVTRb vector 8µgEV-3332 pVTRc vectors 8µgEV-3333 pVTRa, b, c vector 8µg/each