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Reporter Transposons

  • pUT mini-Tn5 System

    The mini-Tn5 are mobile elements able to transpose to the chromosome from a delivery plasmid, by means of the transposase activity encoded by the tnp* gene, which is present in cis in the plasmid but external to the mini-Tn5 element. pUT mini-Tn5 vectors can be used to insert any DNA fragment in the bacterial chromosome, by cloning it within the mini-Tn5 region. Due to the loss of the tnp* gene after insertion, minitransposons are stably integrated into the chromosome and inherited. The different pUTmini-Tn5 vectors can then be used for repeated insertion events and therefore multiple insertions in the same strain are only limited by the availability of distinct selection markers.


    • Easy and stable insertion of heterologous DNA in the chromosome of the strain of interest, after few simple genetic manipulations.
    • Wide range of inserted fragment sizes.
    • Possibility of multiple insertions in the same strain.
    • Easy modification of the cloning vector.
    • Use of cleavage sites of the rare cutters NotI and SfiI.
    • Wide range of Gram negative recipient strains.


    Some of the most common applications of pUTmini-Tn5 vectors are:

    • Cloning.
    • Insertional mutagenesis.
    • Promoter probing.
    • Generation of conditional phenotypes and non-polar mutations.
    • Analysis of transcriptional terminators.
    • Environmental applications: tagging with marker genes for monitoring of released microorganisms and/or transcriptional regulation in the environment.
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