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Purification Related Reagents

  • Biomedal offers all the necessary reagents for its own developed purification technologies such as LYTAG Expression and Purification Systems, LYTAG Two Phase Purification System and Histag Two Phase Purification Systems.

    Lytrap resin
    LYTAG system allows the single-step purification of proteins fusion to LYTAG using LYTRAP resin, a simple and efficient chromatographic support. Binding conditions are gentle and do not involve covalent modifications, in such a way that the fusion protein is highly stable once bound to the resin.

    Choline Chloride solution
    LYTAG fusions protein are selectively eluted using choline-containing buffers.

    Salicylate solution
    Salicylate solution is used as the inducer of many protein expression systems, including Biomedal’s pALEX2 a,b,c systems.

    Prolyse Protein Extraction solution
    Prolyse Protein Extraction solution Is an amine-free solutiuon developed for LYTAG protein purification technology. It allows bacterial wall disruption without pressure or sonication requirements. Proteins are released and obtained in active soluble form.

    LYTAG Two Phase Purification System solutions
    LYTAG Two-Phase Purification system is a protein purification system based on the use of two aqueous components. The method relies on the affinity of the protein tag LYTAG for one of the two-phase components, allowing recombinant protein separation and purification from cellular extracts or culture media. In the procedure, the LYTAG-fused protein is retained in one of the aqueous phases while most of the undesired proteins can be removed by simply discarding the opposite phase. After replenishing the system with fresh phase, the protein of interest can be easily recovered in it, with high purity, by reversing its localization with the addition of choline, the specific LYTAG ligand.

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    AB-3238 Anticuerpo anti-LYTAG 100 µlAB-3237 Mouse AntiHis-tag (monoclonal), N-terminal HisTag 100 ulRS-3302 LYTRAP Resin 30 mlRS-3316 LYTRAP Resin 250 mlRS-3319 LYTRAP Spin columns 10 UnidsRS-3320 LYTRAP Spin columns 25 UnidsRS-3321 LYTRAP Spin columns 100 UnidsRS-3286 C-LYTRAP - F 10 gRS-3287 Choline Chloride Solution 3M 20 mlRS-3247 Salicylate (1M) 25 mlRS-3399 1X Prolyse 25mlRS-3406 1X Prolyse 100mlRS-4700 Lower Solution (LYTAG 2-Phase Purification System) 20 mlRS-4701 Top Solution (LYTAG 2-Phase Purification System) 40 mlRS-4702 LYT 2-Phase Wash (2x) (LYTAG 2-Phase Purification System) 125 mlRS-4740 Top Solution (LYTAG 2-Phase Purification System) 80mlRS-4755 Choline Chloride 3M (LYTAG 2-Phase Purification System) 10 mlRS-4756 Choline Chloride 3M (LYTAG 2-Phase Purification System) 25 ml