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Protein A and G ligands for Ab Purification

ProPure® Antibody Purification Technology

Biomedal offers a wide range of protein A and G ligands and resins which allow cost-efficient immunoglobulin capture and purification. Immobilized rProtein A and rProtein G exhibit strong IgG binding capacity. rProtein A and rProtein G Rapid Flow resins are compatible with FPLC systems and are also offered as ready-to-use prepacked columns.

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Research & Bioprocessing Tools

Research & Bioprocessing Tools

Biomedal offers a wide range of products and services for research and bioprocessing industries. Biomedal has developed its own innovative genetic engineering tools and expression systems, as well as technologies for protein purification and preservation under optimal conditions. Biomedal also offers a huge variety of antibodies, recombinant proteins and any other laboratory reagent.

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News & Events

V Premio Biomedal

Last Friday September 7th, Biomedal attended the Molecular Microbiology Congress organized by the Spanish Society of Microbiology, which took place in Zaragoza. The company

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